A Zoomorphic anthology of poetry, prose and images dedicated to marine wildlife. With an international list of contributors. Featuring stories and poems about a host of marine species.driftfish-cover

Our decision to focus on marine species in this, our first print anthology, was motivated by the urge to celebrate the exhilarating variety of ocean wildlife – from iconic mammals like the sperm whale to circumnavigating seabirds like the albatross to the smallest benthic organisms – while also bearing witness to the shattering reality of their plunging numbers.

From the hundreds of submissions that we were privileged to read from poets and prose writers from all over the world, we have curated an anthology that we hope reflects Zoomorphic’s core principle: to defend non-human species, we must reconnect our imaginations to them.

Through story and poetry you can witness Alaskan orcas or the traditional whale hunt of the Faroe Islands; dive into the underwater realms of octopuses, turtles and manta rays; visit the seal colonies of St Cuthbert’s Isle and Pembrokeshire; discover ancient stromatolites . . . and much more.

“Nature is a sublime experience, and that is captured throughout this anthology. Ultimately, the allegory of Driftfish, gathered here in its poems, essays and artwork, is to go out and make your own connections, your own memories, and ensure that they, and the nature that inspires them, are still there to be found when the next generation goes looking.”

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Essays and Fiction– Anja Semanco, Ferris Jabr, Isaac Yuen, Danny Adcock, J. Bowers, Sarah Thomas, Sally Husband, James Roberts, Daniel Hudon, James Michael Dorsey, Jessica Groenendijk, Stephen Rutt, Angela Readman, Donna Aderhold, Michael Engelhard, Michael Coolen.

Poetry– J V Birch, Martha Jackson Kaplan, Patrick Deeley, Lee Nash, Jane Lovell, Meg Files, D.G. Gets, Russell Jones, Miranda Cichy, Andy Brown, Pippa Little, Graham Burchell, Lois Marie Harrod, Rebecca Gethin, Kathleen Jones, Jill Barrie, Beth McDonough, Jill Barrie, Christina Lloyd, Beth McDonough, Carol Barrett, Caroline Gill, Carolyn Waudby, Kathy Miles, Mark Totterdell, Lesley Quayle, Harry Man, Peter Wyton, Donna J. Gelagotis Lee, Wes Lee, Susan Richardson, Russell Jones, Robbi Nester, David J. Costello, J V Birch, Bryce Emley, Sarah James, Sharon Larkin, Julie Hogg, Tim Gardiner.


Driftfish is a high quality paperback and comes with two art cards. Available for delivery in the UK only via this website.

Driftfish – A Zoomorphic Anthology.

Soft back cover with flaps.
168 pages with black and white illustrations.
2 art cards included.

ISBN: 978-0-9956436-0-4

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