Kate Walters

“Kate Walters’ paintings are concerned with the interaction of the animal and human worlds; depicting in raw and graphic immediacy a relationship that is both intimate and nurturing. Deer, horses and female figures are shown co-existing in an almost primeval state of mutual, interconnected harmony. In their iconography of nurture and loving grace human and animal bodies merge and combine, as the female subjects of these works take on and adopt the character of their animal guides: the watchfulness and truth of the deer, the protection and nurture of the horse. In this new world, there is no separation between human and animal, only a porous tissue of skin that both delineates and dissolves individual boundaries.” Revd Dr Richard Davey

Kate Walters studied Fine Art in London, Brighton and Falmouth; she has worked as an independent artist for 20 years in Cornwall, showing work in Jerwood Drawing (twice), RA, RCA, RWA. A recent solo show of 2000 digital photographs, 3 films, and 30 paintings detailing & exploring a conversation with nature was hosted at Newlyn Art Gallery. She is also a speaker and has presented at many universities. Recent/current projects she has curated and organised include a fund-raising drawing show for Freedom from Torture; her next project is called “Drawing down the Feminine”. Residencies include Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens (2017-19), the Isle of Iona (2015-16), the RCA (National Open Art Resident artist) and working with students and staff at Glasgow School of Art. Kate teaches on various courses including a mentoring course at Newlyn School of Art. She also mentors emerging artists privately in her studio, and runs drumming and drawing workshops there. A book, The Iona Notebooks, will be published in May 2017 by Guillemot Press and launched at Terre Verte Gallery near Launceston on May 5th.

“Thinking of how the breath of the horse creates a kind of womb for me; holds me aloft, intact, supported, whole. A womb of air, a light-filled womb, perfumed, smelling of a horse’s grassy green breath.”

The Secret Worth a Thousand – Watercolour, 2012. This work with a title borrowed from Goethe (the phrase refers to what he believed we could gain from entering into a conversation with Nature) was central in my solo exhibition at Newlyn Art Gallery https://vimeo.com/73134126 which explored our relationship with the natural, and wild world. The female deer provides an arc over the woman, who is close to flowing water, and whose abdomen has been imprinted by a wild horse. The deer has become a sky-god, such as you can find in ancient Egyptian images.
Leaving Event – Watercolour, 2016. This work was developed after visiting The Ness Of Brodgar, where I learned about the ceremonial leaving events which are believed to have taken place there.
The Bird my Brother – This picture from around 2014 is composed of many layers of watercolour on gesso-prepared paper. It reflects on body as tree, as hands as branches, as feet as root linking one to Bird, wild bird, crow bird about to take flight; or raven dipping wings and croaking a greeting; Raven as messenger and teacher; innocence; sky-made eyes. This is the gift of wildness.
Spirit Horse – Completed in 2016, in watercolour and charcoal. The woman who blends with the heart space of the horse has become leopard-like; she sees with her navel, she is in touch with the gifts of wildness.
Trance – This work from 2014 is made of layers of watercolour and gum Arabic on gesso-prepared paper. There are traces of many journeys beneath the crystallized surface. I’m interested in how we might pray with animals, how they pray for us; how their wildness and their acute senses can enrich our lives, teach us how to track, be still, hear and be with ourselves and our instincts. It is also about mirroring, affection, and humility.