Sonia Shomalzadeh- Artist

I make drawings of endangered marine creatures to start conversations and bring to light their beauty and fragility. The drawings are temporary and nearly always life size. The sand drawings get taken with the tides like offerings to the ocean. And the charcoal drawings either fade or get painted over. 

Sonia studied Painting at City and Guilds of London Art School and gained a Masters in Art & Environment at University College Falmouth. She completed a residency in the Azores aboard RV Song of the Whale, studying marine mammals in the North Atlantic Ocean with Marine Conservation Research (MCR) and the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW). Soon after, she won Young Marine Artist of the Year 2012 in London. All her work is driven by scientific research in environmental issues and inspired by wildlife conservation.  

Sperm Whale, sand drawing, 2013
Narwhal, sand drawing, 2014
Gray Whale with Kayaker, sand drawing, 2011
Leatherback Turtle, charcoal, 500 x 2400 cm, 2016
Gray Whale with motorbike, 2011